Proud to be an Ex-Victim

Jul 22, 2015 | I’m proud to be an Ex-Victim! Like being an ex-wife who was a wife for fifteen years, being an ex-victim says that I was a victim for a period of time, but I am no longer a victim.

A lot of people are afraid to admit they are a “Victim” because it’s a label that they feel will always define them. So, they live in denial. I did the same thing. I couldn’t get help to stop being a “Victim” until I admitted it.

I wrote this poem that is at the beginning and end of Bloom In the Dark, to help others recognize the healing journey past denial. I wish I’d never been a “Victim,” but I had no choice about that. I do, however, have a choice about becoming an Ex-Victim. That is a title I am extremely proud of.

Definition of Ex-Victim: I AM NO LONGER A VICTIM!!!

I don’t want to admit I’m a “Victim”
Tainted by abuse
Feeling irrational fear and shame
Defensive and jaded
Frigid, stoic, rude
Rejecting before I get rejected

I don’t want to admit I’m a “Victim”
Who was too weak
To get away, to fight, to stop the pain
To stand up to the bully
Who killed my innocence
Who massacred my soul

I don’t want to be the “Victim”
Making mistakes
That cause more abuse
Broken choices that hurt me
I end up hurting others Instead of stopping the pain

I want to stop being a “Victim”
Attracting predators
Accepting abuse as my due
Putting myself at risk
Choosing to trust the wrong ones
Who just pretend to protect

Jesus, help me stop being a “Victim”
You became a victim for me
You hung naked on the cross
You bore my shame
You were bruised for my iniquities
By Your stripes, I am healed

I am no longer a “Victim”
Forgiven of sin
With wholeness of heart
Redeemed, healed and loved
My innocence restored
My soul saved

I am now an “Ex-Victim”
I testify of His grace
I was lost but am found
I was shattered but am restored
I am filled with relentless love
I am sharing it with others just like me

If you’re an Ex-Victim like me, join me in proudly telling the world. Please share with anyone who will be encouraged. Thanks

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