Living With War after 9-11

Sep 11, 2015 | As I remember the impact 9-11 has had on the lives of my loved ones, I go back to this poem that discusses how WAR has affected families across America. My heart goes out to all those hurt by the horrible events on September 11th and the war that followed. I share this poem contributed to Bloom In the Dark to honor of my brother.

Living With War
Tears cascading down my face
I watch my man marching off to war
He stands so proud and tall
As he answers the call
To protect the weak and downtrodden
To defend our nation’s freedom
To support his troops
I smile through the tears
And keep waving long after he’s gone
Not wanting to turn and face
My life alone for a year
Patriotism won’t keep me warm at night
Loyalty can’t laugh at my jokes
Valor doesn’t show affection
I will strive to be brave
I will smile on our rare calls
I tell myself that our love is worth it all
We are just doing our part
Independence requires fighting
Freedom calls for sacrifice
Liberty isn’t free Finally the day came
To embrace my strong, weary warrior
Who had fought bravely for us all and survived so many battles
His body was whole and strong
His soul was battered
His spirit broken
Terrors he could still see
Nightmares making him scream in the night
Danger still haunting his reality
Loss permeating his days
Survivor’s guilt making him feel unworthy
Survivor’s hell tormenting his mind
Survivor’s medals reminding
I know he wants to protect
Yet he explodes in anger
Trying so desperately to keep us safe
From anything that could harm
Wars against communism to win freedom
Wars against all terrorists to win safety
Wars against “whom” to win “what”
Disillusionment destroys from the inside
Stealing his purpose in life
Replacing it with anything
That dulls or distracts from the war within
Controlling the outcome of every single thing
Restricting his loved one’s freedom
Forcing everyone to comply
God, please help me love
This broken man who is breaking me Instill
Your forgiveness in us both
As we navigate these stormy seas
Nurturing life to replace the death
Believing in hope and healing
Loving the unlovable
Surviving the war he went to fight and the war he brought home inside
That’s caused damage in ways I’ll never understand
Loving the husband who once believed
Forgiving him for his harsh cynicism
Praying for unshakeable faith
Years and wars have passed
Children have joined our ranks
Hello’s have matched every goodbye
Our family stands together against all odds
Choosing to love God first and then each other
Having faith that God’s plan is always best
Making the most of each day together
We Will Win This War!

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